Take Control Of Your Costs

Do you know what your current printing costs are? In many organizations the purchase of printers, and the cartridges that go in them are handled by individual departments with no central accounting of costs or even knowledge what printers are where. Even in businesses with one point of purchase, print cartridges are often looked as a cost of business that simply must be paid.


No Charge, No Obligation Audit
of Your Current Fleet of Printers

The first step with Forward TS’s MPS program is a no charge, no obligation audit of your current fleet to find the printers that are out there and to determine as close as possible what your current costs are.


Right Size Your Fleet

As part of the audit we determine based on your current fleet if the equipment is being used in the most efficient manner possible. We will then make recommendations for equipment movement, removal or replacement as appropriate.

Fixed Cost Per Page

Part of the problem in getting a handle on your current printing costs is the yield from printer cartridges can vary significantly. We take that guess work out of the equation with a fixed cost per page that not only includes the toner cartridges, but often the service and parts for those printers as well.

Free Up IT Staff

Forward TS takes over the maintenance and repair of your printer fleet, freeing up your IT staff for other tasks.

Optional Rules Based Printing

Make sure that each print job is sent to the most cost effective device for that job.

Reduce Costs

The net result of all this? Utilizing Forward TS’s Managed Print Services, many organizations have been able to save 20-30% or more on their printing costs. How much can you save?


Streamline Your Operations

We are trained and experienced in accommodating our client’s every need, no matter how great or small.
Get started with a no charge, no obligation audit of your current fleet!