Our Story


With a new name and new services, the 50-year-old business rebrands and adds services to meet the needs of new and existing customers.

October 11th, 2022 - Office Copying Equipment is now Forward TS. What began as a stand-alone copier business venture in 1972 by Tom Sett and John Sells has grown into a premier document technology solutions and integration provider serving the Greater Milwaukee area. Building an amazing customer base with their superior Sharp service throughout the 1980s and 1990s continued the growth. Unfortunately, 2020 brought the untimely passing of President Tom Sett, and a new direction was charted by Timothy Sett, IT technology veteran of OCE, Ltd. since 1993.

In 2021, Timothy Sett purchased the company, and the vision of becoming Forward TS was born. Forward TS has seen incredible growth along with the advancement in technology. Because of this growth and new offerings, the company is excited to announce that it has completed a major rebranding with the help of VertzMarketing.

"Providing a top-notch customer experience, a dynamic product line, and cutting-edge technology solutions for the growing needs of our clients is the mission of our company. We are excited about this new venture and are proud to continue the legacy of our family business into the next chapter," said Tim Sett, Owner of Forward TS.

Though they have a new name and logo, their family-owned commitment to their customers will stay the same. This new name has several meanings:

  • First, it was chosen as a homage to their pride in Wisconsin - Forward being the state motto 
  • Their tireless drive to always move Forward on the cutting edge of technology
  • The TS also has a double meaning. One is a throwback to the family owners, Tom Sett and Tim Sett
  • TS also stands for their commitment in offering top-notch Technology Solutions to their client base

Adding additional IT products and services to help customers grow was the new Forward TS direction. They are excited to continue the relationship with Sharp Electronics and expand these new offerings to many new and valued current customers.

Forward TS is focused on continuing this legacy as a multi-generational, family-owned company known for its impeccable client experience, knowledgeable service technicians, flexibility, and customer support.

Visit their new website to explore the new brand, philosophy, and exciting new services available.